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15 immortal tangos

Tango is full of unforgettable songs. Today, we put together this list of immortal tangos, played by great masters. Enjoy
15 tangos inmortales
| 01 January, 2020 |

Any selection is arbitrary in itself: tango has so many unforgettable songs that we always risk leaving some out. Anyway, we took the courage to put together this list of 15 immortal tangos. Would you add any more?

1. The Choclo, Francisco Canaro

With this tango that is mocked and compadrito

He tied two wings the emotion of my suburb

With this tango was born tango and like a cry

He came out of the sordid neighborhood looking for the sky

2. Escape and Mystery, Astor Piazzolla

3. The Yumba, Osvaldo Pugliese

4. Hand in hand, Roberto Goyeneche

Rechiflao in my sadness, today I recall you and see that you have been

in my poor life pariah only a good woman;

your presence of bacana put warm in my nest,

you were good, consistent and I know that you loved me

as you did not love anyone, as you could not love.

5. Halflight, Carlos Gardel

And all in half light, that is a sorcerer love,


half light kisses, in half light both.

And all in half light, twilight inside,

that soft velvet the half light of love.

6. Pucherito de Gallina, Edmundo Rivero

With twenty April I came to the center,

my debut was in Corrientes and Maipú;

from the arm of men played and with vento,

there I wanted to burn my youth…

7. It’s about me, Tita Merello


It is said that I am a beast,

that I am on my way to the evil

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