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Top 8 Songs by Andrés Calamaro

Prolific artist if any, Andrés Calamaro has an extensive list of topics to remember. We chose some, which would you
Andrés Calamaro tiene una extensa lista de temas
23 November, 2019

Andrés Calamaro is one of the most important national rock figures of recent times. It is an Argentine icon that has gone through several stages, first with Los Abuelos de la Nada, then with Los Rodriguezand, finally, as soloist. Today we choose 8 themes that go through all its stages. What do you think?

Let’s move on to another topic – No one comes out Live From Here (1989)

A young Squidward once wrote this perfect song of heartbreak. “Let’s move on to another topic, I do not want to talk about it, the house is empty and cold” – the theme begins with him singing like that, suddenly.

Sweet Condemnation – No Documents (1993)

Along with Los Rodríguez, Calamaro released this song whose title is almost an oxymoron. With his lyrics, the artist moves and settles in the emotional and collective memory. “No matter the problem, no matter the solution, I keep the little that remains whole in my heart, I like problems, there is no other explanation,” he says in his chorus.

Where sailor rules – Alta dirt (1997)

“ I don’t know what I want, but I know what I don’t I want to. I know what I don’t want, and I can’t help it”: a letter that identifies us to all of you. On this, Andrés Calamaro has a theory: “The trick is to write in first person for each to write his autobiography with my songs, If you understand them!”

I Burn – High Dirt (1997)

This song has, perhaps, the most successful rhyming concatenation of all Calamaro’s lyrics: “I was talking to a Colombian girl’s sister, they slept in separate beds. Taking a cappuccino was the Chinese New Year in an Argentinean restaurant (with Patties and patties wine). The problem is that the baby was cute, but good people, and she touched my forehead.”

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