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The song that founded Argentine rock

One night, two Argentine artists came together and created the song that gave rise to national rock. Do you want
26 November, 2019

In the early morning of May 2, 1967, in the gentlemen’s room of La Perla del Once confectionery shop, located on the corner of Rivadavia and Jujuy avenues, in Buenos Aires, the song was composed that started the movement that was later called “ national rock.” There were Litto Nebbia and José Alberto Iglesias, better known as Tanguito . What was the song that generated this break in our music? : “The raft”.

“ The song was written in the bathroom of La Perla de Once,” Nebbia said, “because it was the place that was always open at dawn. At La Perla you had to talk very short because, if not, you would distract the students who were there and, logically, you wouldn’t get a guitar or something because they kicked you out. So, the day that ‘La balsa‘happened, Tango did one thing that we sometimes did: if you wanted to show something that was finished, we would go to the bathroom.”

“ He said, ‘I came up with the beginning of a song and I don’t know how to follow it. ‘ We went to the bathroom and made the start saying, ‘I am so lonely and sad here in this world of crap. ‘ He passed me the guitar and I did what follows, the whole song as it is”, revealed the musician about that magical moment.

A before and an after

On July 3, 1967, Los Gatos released the single for that founding song. The launch of the issue was a real revolution. The single hit sales, reached 250,000 plates and toured the continent thanks to the different versions recorded by more than 20 performers.

La balsa“showed thatArgentine musicianswere able to compose and record songs in Spanish, something that until then was in doubt. After that, everything else came: national rock, thousands of chords, rhythms, artists and songs. And nothing was the same again.

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