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Karma Sudaca, the Tucuman rock par excellence

Karma Sudaca transformed Tucuman rock. They became references in northern rock and dazzled the country. Let's introduce them to you.
Karma Sudaca
| 29 March, 2020 |

Karma Sudaca is one of the historical bands of Tucuman rock . In early 1997, Karma’s sounds and chords began to sound in Tucumán. Tony Molteni, the vocalist; Fabián Vernieri, the guitarist; Calavera Maidana, the bassist; and Adolfo Palomino, the drummer, were beginning their adventure.

From its inception the objective was clear: to cross the boundaries of the Garden of the Republic and to achieve national recognition. They wanted their art to reach a connection with all the rockers in the country, regardless of the borders.

The first album by the Tucuman is called El Títere (1998) and there are thirteen tracks plus an interactive track. It was the first big step in their quest to be the most popular band and convenor in the north of Argentina. The big jump in the career of Karma Sudaca took place in Córdoba, at the Cosquín Festival Rock 2001 gave their first mass show.

A year before Cosquín Rock, one of his tracks had been selected for the national compilation “New Metal”. The Cosquín effect boosted Karma Sudaca: months later they released the album Sangrando Sueños which quickly ran out.

The band discs

In addition to The Puppet and Bleeding Sueños, Karma Sudaca recorded an unpluggedin 2000 in the cycle Caressing how rough. Then there would be Interior Fury, in 2004. A theme from this album is part of the soundtrack of the film Debit External by Jorge Lanata. They then recorded Quema, in 2009, and The last album was About My Fingerprints, in 2016.

The renewal

A characteristic of Karma Sudaca was the belonging of his band, they had always kept the same members. This would break in 2010 with the departure of Maidana, who would return in 2014. At the time he was replaced by José Lazzara. The new bassist was presented in the video clip “Fugitivo de tu voz”.

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