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Grandparents are back

Los Abuelos de la Nada, one of the most emblematic bands of national rock, are back with a new formation
Los Abuelos de la Nada
26 January, 2020

On Saturday 2 May, the Grandparents of Nothing play in Buenos Aires. It seems like news from the past, but not: we are talking about what is going to happen during 2020. A new band formation, with Miguel Abuelo‘s son and nephew as members, will tour Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Mexico. In it, they will include the usual classics and unpublished songs.

“ Monday morning”, “Things mine”, “American Tuning”, “Hymn of my heart”, “Meditate sun”, “Go a more”, “Chalaman”, “Zig zag”, “Thousand hours”, are some of the topics that we all remember and that will be part of the shows. In addition, the band is recording new songs. The new album, Luces y Bengalas, will be released shortly, with unpublished material and several songs composed by Miguel Abuelo.

The new training

These are the musicians who form part of this new version of The Grandparents of Nothing:

Juan Del Barrio: Keyboarder for Spinetta Jade and The Grandparents of Nothing. Together with Miguel Abuelo, he participated in the band’s most important shows between 1983 and 1988. He was part of almost all the albums of Los Abuelos in the 1980s.

Marcelo Chocolate Fogo: He’s nephew by Miguel Abuelo and participated in the band between 1986 and 1988 as bass player. I comed, next to him, three songs: “Región Dura”, “Stallion of Palermo” and “Cosas Mine.”

Jorge Polanuer: Saxophone player of The Grandparents of Nothing between 1986 and 1988, when he was replaced by Willy Crook. In his career he joined the band Andrés Calamaro and Soda Stereo, among others.

Blue Cat Peralta: Son of Miguel Abuelo, participated in the album Cosas Mías and the solo album of Miguel Good morning, day.

Gaspar Benegas: Musician, Argentine rock composer and producer. He is known for being the guitarist of The Air Conditioning Fundamentalists, the Solari Indian gang.

Sebastián Peyceré: Drummer of great trajectory in national rock. He played and recorded with Litto Epumer and Javier Malosetti, among others. He also shared stage with BB King, Stanley Jordan, Mike Stern and Dave Weckl.

Hubert Reyes: Outstanding percussionist born in Lima, Peru. In Argentina, he worked with musicians like

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