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Federico Moura

His brother Marcelo, also a member of Virus, remembers this great icon of national rock with his best words.
26 January, 2020

Federico Moura was born in the city of La Plata on October 23, 1951, and died young, very young, on December 21, 1988, at the age of 37. He was a musician, singer-songwriter, songwriter, record producer and clothing designer, and is considered one of the most influential and recognized musicians of Hispanic rock and Latin American.

As leader of Virus, Federico Moura was a key gear in the Argentine musical renewal, which took place with the end of the dictatorship and the return of democracy. His singing, lyrics and disruptive compositions marked a before and after in national rock. His songs have their own stamp and commitment, and his style marked an era that sounds and resonates, over the years, with the power of always.

Among his most remembered discography are Wadu Wadu (1981); Recrudece (1982); Inner Hole (1983); Relax (1984); Madness (1985); Live Virus (1986); Pleasure Surfaces (1987); Shout in the Sky (1988, discography as a soloist). And among the tracks that broke it and hummed daily, “A honeymoon in the hand”, “Prompt delivery”, “I can program”, “Hole inside”, “What do I do in Manila?” , “Pagan images”, among so many others.

Three decades after his departure, his presence and legacy continue to tread hard. And to remember, who better than Marcelo Moura, his brother of life and stage. In 2014, Marcelo joined very kindly to the tribute that we made to Federico since the then Ministry of Culture. The proposal, that he define his brother, that he dedicate a few words to him, that he share what he felt and wanted. He wrote him a kind of poem, the purest and most loving way he found to pay a well-deserved tribute to his “master” and “treasure”.

Federico Moura, by Marcelo Moura

“Defining Federico for me is a challenge. I looked for the moment when my words flowed and with his image in my head I began to think of adjectives that described his personality. It’s not a poem, I just wrote what my heart was dictating to me.”

“ Soul of Diamond”

Restless spirit, bright and subtle, beautiful, fragile, diamond soul, romantic, acid, unique, gallant, lucid, practical, noble and elegant, satirical, critical, genius, lacerant, neat, talkative, energetic and vibrant.

A shooting star drawing in the sky, an example to follow, a perfect path.
A total dispossession of petty interests, a clear vision, a light, a lot of brightness.
A magnet, attraction, a divine envoy, a cause or mission that guided his destiny.
A total dedication, a genuine artist, an unparalleled value, an unfiltered courage.
Marginal, different, a total rebel, was a gift from God when Fede came.
My teacher, my pride, my mentor, my treasure, who went in my arms, I still mourn him.
It was gray his gaze or an emerald green, a precious stone, nestled in my soul.
I didn’t see him walk, because he always flew, and the message he always gave us was clear.
He passed through life, like a lethal ray, and gave it as an offering with total dignity.
I feel it with me, wherever I go and I know that he takes care of me, with deep love.
Fate is written, by a greater order, the past, the future is the same, it is today.
Federico is my brother and everyone’s brother.
In an ambitious, stupid and cowardly world, he was an example to follow.
Yesterday was the light, he is now an ANGEL.

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