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The Tekis, the representatives of Jujeño folklore

Nearly 30 years of history, Los Tekis continue to carry their rhythms and culture all over the country. Our homage
Los Tekis, folklore jujeño
14 December, 2019

Jujeño folklore is characterized by the cheerful imprint transmitted by its rhythms and dances. We can see it in the famous little carnival, the pin pin or the little northern dance. It’s a kind of music that goes through all environments, from rocks, balls, houses to the radio of a car. A great reference in Jujeño folklore are Los Tekis.

The Tekis are made up of all that northerncultural gene, including part of Bolivian culture. It is not only noticeable in the themes, but also in its native instruments such as the sikus, zampoñas, charangos and quenas.

Sebastián López,Juanjo Pestoni,Mauro Colleti,Pipo Valdez,Walter SaderandPucho Ponceare part of this popular band folkloric. In 1991 the stage of the Festival de la Serenata in Cafayate saw them debut. The consecration of Los Tekis came four years later when it was part of the historic Cosquin Festival in 1995.

The popularity of this band is growing steadily, its rhythms are no longer only frequent in the northern lands. Every year Los Tekis travel over a hundred thousand kilometers across the country, animating with their music different Argentine settings.

“ Los chicos”, the translation of “Los Tekis”, were encouraged to rock, transforming great themes from national rock to northern rhythms. They released the album Rock & Tekis, played with Manuel Quieto de la Mancha de Rolando and also with Condor and Dani de la Bersuit. Juan Carlos Baglietto,Miguel Cantiloand Dread Mar-I were also part of the rocker-folkloric album.

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