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An evening of pure folklore

The Cuyano Regional Folklore Festival had its second edition. Mendoza hosted local bands, from San Juan and San Luis.
24 January, 2020

Since last year the cultural authorities of the Cuyo region have been working together to hold their own folklore festival. The idea is to work together for the identity of this musical genre that represents us so much. In 2018 in San Juan and this year in Mendoza, bands from all over the region took care of the audience who came to take what they went for: good music. The Cuyano Regional Folklore Festival had its second edition and Mendoza hosted local bands, from San Juan and San Luis.

The night of party took place in the renowned cultural space of Mendoza, named after a great local artist Julio Le Parc. From San Luis visited us Mariano Pereyra, Nacencia, Los Copleros and Los Guzmán, from Villa Mercedes.

For its part, San Juan joined to the proposal with the participation of Inti Huama, Minguez-Barboza, Díaz Heredia and Javier Recabarren.

While our province was represented by Los Chimeno, a group composed of Ricardo and Juan Pío Chimeno and Pablo Calderón, undisputed references of our folklore. And the Orchestra of Titars Tito France, directed by Pablo Budini and Sergio Santi, which includes various works of Argentine folklore and universal music, with its imprint cuyana.

They were joined by one of the most recognized local artists. It is Juanita Vera, the popular performer of Lavalle, an undisputed voice of our folklore. Closing the participation of our province, Ecos del Ande was presented, a historic formation made up of renowned musicians.

Recover the lost dances

Adding the participation of dance ballets from the three provinces, the intention of this festival of the Cuyanía is to recover dances that were lost. Such is the case of the sky, the hat, the flaky cuyana and styles that are only sung, such as the cuyano proclamation. The aim is to encourage performers, authors and composers to return to this line of folklore.

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