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Cumbia to the whole orchestra

The tropical night was lived to full in the second repetition of the Harvest. Los Palmeras contributed their cumbia santafecina
Vendimia. Los Palmeras
| 19 March, 2020 |

Since its announcement, the people of Mendoza were looking forward to the second night of repetition of the Vintage since cumbia is not a genre typical or common in our province. With sold out, the Los Palmeras show summoned a crowd in the theater Greek Frank Romero Day Monday evening.

At 21, as stipulated, began the show “Blue Symphony for a New Wine”. While people were taking the stands, they felt the euphoria and waiting for the most popular band of the Argentine cumbia. The audience, mostly adults, arrived from all corners of the province to dance to the rhythm of Los Palmeras.

After the performance of DJ Mami and Efrita together with Cantalalata, who opened the game with a being danceable to the rhythm of reggaeton, cumbia, urban music and techno, the stage heated the engines while setting the stage.

The show

With the euphoric crowd, the Orchestra began to sound after 23.25. With the classic musical introduction, the theater was a party. The hit “The Tail”, with the voice snore by Rubén Deicas, sparked massive applause at Frank Romero Day. “Bitch” was the second song that made the whole theater vibrate and the night became in a real tropical party.

“ For the first time”, “It’s time to dance” continued the celebration with the right gear of the Philharmonic Orchestra. Without a break, the crowd replicated the dance in every corner and, from the stage, the front-row actors enjoyed the show on the top tray.

It was the turn of “Forget it” and “Cumbia sacred” another of the hymns of the Santafecino group. The ones Timbales, accordion and strings and winds lit up every moment of the show that was growing in energy after midnight.

To finish the one-hour concert came the turn of “El bonbon asesino” the hit that brought them to popularity.

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