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Let’s talk about smoothies for athletes

This smoothie that I pass them can be ideal to recover energy and hydrate after doing sports.
batido que puede ser ideal para recuperar energía e hidratarse luego de hacer deporte
03 October, 2019

Many athletes do not like to consume processed and chemical products, so they opt for smoothies that are excellent for those who make different sports activities, and with different intensities.

The hardest thing is that you have to spend some time! But they are easy to perform and very nutritious.

Today it’s the strawberries, thepears and the bananas.

In most cases after training we feel hunger and thirst, then we must replenish energy and also liquids.

Next I pass you the recipe of an exquisite smoothie , ideal for recovering liquids, strength, etc, etc, etc.

The ingredients will be found without problems.


  • For 1 athlete: Approx. 170 kcal
  • Bananas: 1 (if ripe is better)
  • Strawberries: 1 cup
  • Pear: 1 (if ripe better)
  • Water: 1 cup


Clean and peel the fruit. Place them in a blender or blender. Blend all ingredients until they reach a liquid consistency.

It has a mixture of nutrients that are important for those who do sports.

Bananas: Provides a large amount of potassium, essential for the functioning of muscles (this fruit is well known because it prevents cramps). In addition to containing vitamins and minerals that are of great importance after carrying out very intense activities. And they are rich in carbohydrates that are the ones that provide energy.

Strawberries: They have a lot of vitamins and minerals, and helps to lower the calories of theshake due to its high water content.

Pears: This fruit helps digestion as well as constipation. And there is scientific evidence that serves for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Like banana, pear provides potassium, both are a great supplement. The pear also offers us vitamin C.

If your concern is how to transport it to the gym or your training, I tell you that today the market offers us several options: thermos, bottles (glass or thermal), thermal food… You prepare it before leaving home, and there are almost no loss of nutrients and vitamins and if any, they are insignificant. If time is little, the loss will not be too relevant.

I invite you to prepare your own smoothie and then tell me!!

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