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Let’s meet Ginger

A bit of its origin and its properties...
Jengibre, Un poco de su orígen y sus propiedades.
15 May, 2019

As you will see in each of my notes, I like to talk about the origin of the food, why?? Because it is very important to know how the plant was born or the food is fruit or vegetables or whatever. That’s how I get inspired, imagine myself in the place and at the right moment, and then I’m going to write.

Ginger, which has been used in traditional Asian medicine for 2,000 years, is one of the medicinal plants with the greatest health benefits, and a seasoning widely used in gastronomy.

It belongs to the same family of turmeric and cardamom.

It’s a rhizome. (easier a root)

Many will remember the tale of the brothers Hansell and Gretel, as not to remember, that lost in the forest come to the house made of ginger by the evil witch.

Both gingerbread and biscuits have been in Europe for many years. In England they are very adept at this root. Castle gossip says that Queen Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII, loves Ginger.

The Romans were the ones who began to use this root, coming from India, by different routes. Its origin is the tropical and humid forests of South Asia, especially India and China.

Asian cuisine is the one that most uses this root, for all kinds of meals, sauces, infusions.

Ayurvedic and vegetarian cuisines use it as a seasoning and for preparation of their dishes.

Among some of the benefits of ginger we have:

  • Reduces rheumatic and menstrual pains.
  • It is effective against influenza and colds.
  • Improves blood flow, so prevents cardiovascular diseases.
  • Eliminates dizziness and vertigo.

And there are many more…!!

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