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Tunuyán offers the “Viví Tunuyán” benefits card

It is a plastic and nominated card intended for tourists and residents of the Uco Valley. “Viví Tunuyán”: technology at
tarjeta destinada a turistas y residentes del Valle de Uco
12 January, 2020

The program“Viví Tunuyán: Benefits and Loyalty Card for Neighbors, Tourists and Residents”was designed by the Tourism Directorate of the Municipality of Tunuyán to carry out a policy of stimulating sales for the tourism sector, characterized as MSME, and covering the areas of accommodation, gastronomy and tourist services. Adherence to the program is optional and empowers enterprises in the sector, since it provides visibility to the tourism providers that are part of it.

The programme has the following objectives:

  • Stimulate greater knowledge, positioning and increase sales for participating entrepreneurs and enterprises.
  • Offer incentives to foreign, national and local touriststo know and enjoy a wide range of experiences in the department.
  • Stimulate the access of Tunuyán’s neighbor to the different offers of the program, accessing a greater benefit in terms of discount.

About the card

It is a plastic and nominated card intended for tourists and residents of the Uco Valley. The plastic must be presented by the customer in the attached shops. This is essential to be able to access current benefits and discounts, which are informed on the page and on social networks (Instagram and Facebook) of the account “vivitunuyan”, guaranteeing that communication of proposals.

At the moment, more than 30 tourism providers are registered in the program in the accommodation, gastronomy, bars, adventure tourism, tourist services, wine tourism and craft brewery.

The process to access the card is very simple. A form with contact details must be completed in the mentioned website or approaching, once at the destination, the Address of Tunuyán Tourism located in the bus terminal. The application of the “Viví Tunuyán” benefit card is fully free for users and also has no shipping cost or maintenance.

For inquiries and information you can contact 2622 413102 or through social networks @vivitunuyan

Source: Diario Los Andes

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