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Gamers: what they do, how they train and how much they earn

They spend between 8 and 10 hours in front of a screen to develop their skills. Gamers can earn up
Los gamers pueden ganar hasta 30 mil dólares.
| 03 December, 2019 |

It is estimated that, in Mendoza, at least 20 young people compete professionally in eSport or electronic games, a discipline that will be part of the Olympic Games in Tokyo in 2020 and that in recent days gained notoriety after the 13-year-old Thiago “King” Lapp from Buenos Aires won 900 thousand dollars after reaching fifth place in the Fortnite World Cup, one of the video games of the moment.

Gamers, ranging from 10 to 30 years old, can be up to 3 hours a day in front of a computer screen. Meanwhile, those who compete do 8 to 10 hours a day on average to develop their skills in a specific game, accompanied by a coaching staff: coach, manager, personal trainer, kinesiologists and psychologists.

You can win up to $30,000 in online championships and up to $3 million in face-to-face events, as happened to the American Bugha after 6 games in the Fortnite World Cup held in Queens, New York.

Live from the screen

According to the Mendocina Association of Electronic Sports (AMDE), in Argentina the issue of eSports is new. However, they are becoming increasingly important thanks to various organizations that develop local tournaments and the international competitions that are driven by companies developers of this type of entertainment and that move millions only in sponsors.

“ Currently the most popular eSports game is the League of Legends (LoL) as it is the most played and has broken records in audience. Followed by Fortnite, Counter Strike, Clash Royale, FIFA, DOTA II, among others,”said Emmanuel Cola, president of AMDE.

Neyén Arjona (24), who now serves as a coach of Clash Royal players, said that in 2018 earned 2 thousand dollars a month during a three-month competition in Mexico.

“ One is to the extent that you can live from this, for now there are few that they can do it,” said the young man.

Such is the case of Godoicruc Franco “Nipphu” Funes (24): he is a professional since 2015 and currently lives in Chile, in the gaming house of the Kaos Latin Gamers team, where he coexists and trains in one place with other LoL players. In addition to accommodation, he receives a salary per split (tournament).

More and more auspicious

According to rating of the latest Super Bowl, was watched by 100.7 million people on television and streaming services, while only streaming from the last end of the LoL had a peak audience of over 200 million. Then every time more brands seek to sponsor these events.

That’s why many of these gamers who have social networks and thousands of followers on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter have their own sponsors.

The younger, the better

Unlike other traditional sports, in this discipline, the shelf life ranges from 15 to the average 20 years, since the processing speed of the brain when advancing in age is much slower than that of a 13-year-old boy years.

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