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First computer-assisted surgery in San Luis

The province of San Luis carried out its first computer-assisted surgery. This was developed at the Hospital Juan Domingo Perón.
| 19 January, 2020 |

The operation was carried out jointly with the Digital Government Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of San Luis. The protagonist was a 58 year old patient who had been diagnosed with a tumor in the temporal zone of the brain. The assisted surgery was directed by Brian Wernicke and Javier San Martín, neurosurgeons of the Hospital. And they were assisted by the team of instrumentalists in surgery.

On this occasion, they were assisted by Lucas Ritacco, belonging to the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires. He is in charge of carrying out the CAS project in San Luis. According to the results presented by Ritacco, the surgery was a success. The patient is stable but is still under observation, waiting for the evolution of this highly complex surgery.

The trainings

Last year, health professionals from the province of St. Louis began with training at CAS. Surgery assisted by computer is a branch of medicine that works in a transdisciplinary way. Medical and health professionals work together with the tools that technology provides. This turns surgery into a three-dimensional exercise. First, the doctors who are in the operating room; second, his instrumental assistants. Third, technological assistance from the surgeon, which allows you to work through a browser and have accuracy finished from what is the surgical field. And from the surgery you have to perform in general.

CAS is the translation of the project name: Computer Assisted Surgery. This first use of this practice was in a neurosurgery and not a rule that could be used for other interventions. This historic operation was carried out at the Hospital Juan Domingo Perón in San Luis. This is part of an ambitious campaign and modernization tasks in the medical area of the Puntanaprovince.

Source: San Luis Agency

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