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Does your cell phone keypad fail?

Users reported problems typing on the keyboard of their phones. What you can do to perform your tasks normally.
26 January, 2020

Users around the world reportedfailuresin Gboard,the Google keyboard that is on all phones withAndroidsystem. Failures are disparate, as the keyboard closes and does not deploy correctly, which does not allow progress in tasks.

In principle it would be a failure of a new update. When you install it, this would be the source of the problems. “We are aware that there is a problem after the last update and we are already working to solve it,” they said from the company, but user patience is not negotiable.

What’s the solution?

To begin with, you need to block any new updates until Google notises that the bug has been fixed. They will probably soon release a new patch that fixes the failure on all devices. But for those who have already suffered problems with keyboards, you can opt for several options.

There is the optionto clear the applicationdatafrom the settings. Looking in the list of Gboard apps, you enter the storage section of the app and delete the data and the cache to return to the initial configuration.


not successful, you can access theGoogle Store Playand download a varied offer of keyboards, with skins and functionalities to everyone’s taste. Most are free and occupy little storage space.

SwiftKeyis one of the most popular. As an advantage, Android highlights its effectiveness in predicting the next word that will be written in a text, as well as by your autocorrect suggestions and compatibility of emojis.

Fleksy,ChroomaandMinuumare other preferred by users. In the case of the latter mentioned, it is a small keyboard for people with big fingers. The application stands out for its predictive engine and a appearance similar to that of Gboard.

Source: Diario Los Andes

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