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What was the solar halo that appeared in Mendoza?

A phenomenon rarely seen had as a privileged place the Mendoza sky. Here's what happened to the solar halo.
halo solar
| 15 January, 2020 |

Looking at the sky, there was a kind of cloudiness that allowed to see the sun and around it appeared a giant rainbow, surrounding it, a solar spectacle. Thesocial networks of the Mendoza people were altered by this phenomenon that could be seen from different parts of the province.

It’s not weird at all. It is an absolutely normal phenomenon and occurs in much of the planet. Technically it has the name of solar halo, and occurs when ice particles are formed at more than 5,000 meters at the level of the troposphere (the layer of the atmosphere that is in contact with the Earth’s surface and where rain, wind or snow occurs) and these refract light from the sun, generating a spectrum colors similar to rainbows.

Colors may vary, although usually the reddish color is found inside, while on the outside of the ring are concentrated red, blue or green. These halos can even be moles, and they will be visible only when there are high clouds and thin, the full moon being the most recurrent period.

As explained by the meteorologistFernando Jara, this is a phenomenon that “has occurred in the summer solstice when the sun is above the vertical middle latitudes in the southern hemisphere,” he explained.

“ Let’s remember that the sun is over the tropics of this hemisphere and that makes us have a direct sun over us, with hours of sun directly to the surface and this is added Importantwind in height with high clouds, above ten thousand meters, which are ice crystals, is frozen water vapor and provokes this phenomenon. It’s a solar halo that looks like a rainbow,” concluded the specialist.

Source: Diario Mendo Voz

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