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Medical cannabis: the industry starts in Jujuy

Jujuy will be a pioneer in the legal and large-scale cultivation of medical cannabis, which completely revolutionizes the northern province.
Aceite de cannabis
| 28 December, 2019 |

The Jujeña state company Cannava S.E. advances with the pilot plan for cannabis cultivation for medicinal use. After achieving the first germinations, nine greenhouses were assembled in which up to 15,000 plants could be propagated for the cultivation of medicinal cannabis.

By February 2020, it is calculated to move into the open field, said company spokesmen. The nine greenhouses were set up in a core area of 2 hectares, covering a total covered area of 3100 square meters.

In the greenhouses there will be the production of mother plants, reproduction by means of cuttings and vegetative growth of between 13 and 15 thousand plants. Numbers representing the capacity of those spaces, although there is not yet that amount of germinated seeds.

For the operation of greenhouses, it was installed also an irrigation system and electrical infrastructure that will complement the sunlight. Sustainable agricultural methods are used for the vegetative stage. With the use of specially prepared organic fertilizers and substrates. He medical cannabis project relies on the central value of respect for the land.

The cultivation area is physically controlled by a special police force of the province. They use a ring custody scheme, supported by video surveillance and direct link to 911.

Pioneer in the country

Jujuy is the first province in the country to undertake thecultivation of cannabis formedicinal use. He has already made commitments to provide the oils free of charge to hospitals throughout the country for clinical trials.

It was also announced the signing of an agreement with the Institute National Industrial Technology (INTI). This was signed for the construction of a public extraction laboratory in the province.

Law No. 27,350 regulates medical and scientific research on the medicinal, therapeutic and palliative use of the cannabis plant and its derivatives. In this framework Lino Barañao, Gerardo Morales andRoberto Tecchi signed a cooperation. They seek to design and implement research actions on the use of cannabis for scientific and therapeutic purposes.

It is an important project not only from a scientific point of view, but also because of its social impact in terms of job creation. It will also be so in regionaleconomies. “We support everything that is diversification of rural production, it is a global challenge and this is an alternative,” Barañao said.

Argentina Medical Cannabis Network

A little more than a year ago the Argentine Cannabis Network was created Medicinal (RACMe). Composed of 30 experts from national universities, research institutes and science and technology bodies of different localities in the country. The Network consists of articulating capabilities scientific and technological resources available in the country around the use of cannabis medicinal. In addition, to promote interdisciplinary and federal work for the search for joint solutions to the problems of the population.

Agustín Campero said: “Both in Argentina and in the world there are studies that need to be

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