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Talk about education in Argentina

The objective of education should be the development of creative, autonomous individualities, with social values of solidarity, empathy and growth.
15 May, 2018

By all means we get statistics, news and experiences of failures, desertion, stop-outs , lack of updating, devaluation of the role of the educator, etc., etc. The picture is increasingly darker and disappointing.

But Education is quite the opposite, it is hope, health , prosperity, and growth.

What are we failing, that we are not seeing from our future as a society?

We will try to unravel the educational problem in order to put light and together find hopeful answers.

The first thing is to be very clear about the objectives, the purpose of formal and informal education. What I expect from the educationaloutcome, what I see when I look forward.

Many times I have heard: “I want my children to be creative, determined, played by their ideas”; I want my studentsto “read more, build thoughts, understand and express about their own experiences. …”

Are we looking to open up to new experiences? As adults, do we understand learningas an endless processof growth? And for this, do we generate spaces for creativity, reading areas, respect choices even if they do not match pre-established ideas?

As a mom, I often see myself closing doors, making arbitrary decisions, calling for silence in the name of respect.

As a teacher, we standardize knowledge, generalize processes, again calling silence in the name of respect.

Clearly, our biggest problem is that we don’t know what we’re looking for and expect from the educational process. If we’re not clear about the target, where are we going to go?

It’s like getting on a plane without knowing if when we get off it will be winter or summer, if I have to keep slips or skis in my suitcase. Without knowing the objective, the trip will surely be dizzying and full of immediate emergencies, impossible to camp.

For now there are more questions than answers, the educationalapproach tends to be more a question than an absolute and definite truth, but it is necessary that the objective of educationbe the development of individualities creative, autonomous, with social values of solidarity, empathy and growth. Each one will see his path and the role he must assume.

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