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Mendoza, the best in mathematics

A report from the Argentine Observatory for Education places Mendoza in the first place in Cuyo. The evaluation was math.
Matematica pizarra
26 January, 2020

Mendoza is the province with the best results in mathematics in the Region of Cuyo. This was the result of a report by the Argentine Observatory for Education on learning outcomes in secondary schools.

Mariano Narodowski, professor at the School of Government of the Tocuato Di Tella University explained the details of this work.

“ The results of math learning across the country are very disappointing. The province or district that suits best is City of Buenos Aires and only 53% of students have satisfactory results in mathematics. From there down the results are worse and if students are from public schools or lower economic strata the results tend to be weaker . A complicated picture.”

The region

“ In the Region of Cuyo, a Mendoza is doing a little better than San Luis and San Juan, but we’re still very far from the ideal of having a satisfactory mathematical education for all students, a daunting picture. The positive thing is that we have the instruments to measure it, which are tests Learn and we would have to work, some provinces are doing it, to improve those results”.

“ It is not the students who fail, we fail the adults, both politically and pedagogical to be able to teach betterr”.

Education in Argentina is bogged down, collapsed, stands always in the same place as the world advances and societies progress, the problem we have.”

“ Sociology in Education a hundred years ago already demonstrated that the main cause of performance in these tests is the educational level of the parents of students and the socioeconomic level of the family. So, the school has a great challenge with these sectors because it has to equalize the playing field, create conditions for the advantages to match and the problem is that we are not doing it, when a boy is born in a poor province or municipality we are not guaranteeing that he has more opportunity to learn more and better.”

“ In the Learning tests there was a very significant improvement in reading learning in all provinces and schools. As significant is that we understand there is a problem with the measuring instrument because it never happens that everyone increases the same and the same way, but still one may think that there were improvements in language.”

Source: Department of Schools of Mendoza

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