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Educational chess grows in Corrientes

Corrientes organized the first meeting between schools to present the Educational Chess program. We'll tell you what it was about.
programa de Ajedrez Educativo
23 November, 2019

Corrientes developed the first Provincial Encounter of Primary Schools of the Educational Chess Program. More than 150 primary students from all over the province participated. The aim was to develop logical thinking, cognitive development and emotional intelligence. These are three key parameters for chess development.

The event was made up of teams of three players from the same educational institution. The games were settled in 7 rounds of the Swiss system with a game pace of 10 minutes per player to finish. He festival had its appointment at the gym of the Center of Physical Education No. 1 located in Av. Patagonia 1801.

The Educational Chess Program seeks to integrate, strengthen and to enhance children’s school journeys. It achieves this through the logical thinking, cognitive development and emotional intelligence of the educational community. In addition, the meetings seek to foster bonds and Community links. It also enables spaces for reflection and production of collective knowledge. In addition, it generates the conditions for integration and the inclusion of our young people through educational chess.

The meeting is organized by the Educational Chess Program of the Directorate of Physical Education of the Ministry of Education of the Province of Currents.

Civil importance of chess

This game can build us as people and raise awareness of our rights and obligations within society. It’s a game set in war, but in every piece the players find a decision making. The features of the piece, the player of the front and the obligations to defend our own make us reflect. He chess places us in a position where the decision we make will have a consequence. Similar to what we constantly do in our lives. AT Sometimes we attack, sometimes we defend, sometimes we risk. And, at all times, these decisions are influenced by our rival, and in life that can represent another citizen. Educational chess powers minds to analyze all in a different way.

Source: Mamarandu

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