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Corrientes develops an application for phones about chamamé

The technology applied to one of our most traditional musical genres.
| 30 December, 2018 |

On January 7, the government of Corrientes will present an application for cellular phones on Chamamé in order to expand the reach of this musical style that the nation has postulated before Unesco as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, according to provincial authorities.
“ It is an initiative of Governor Gustavo Valdés, in person, since he is very interested in being able to incorporate new technology, turn the chamamé into an attractive product for the youngest and have an almost didactic resource,” Gabriel Romero, president of the Instituto de Cultura de Corrientes, told Télam.
The Institute, with the support of the Government, commissioned the development of the application to the specialist Marcelo Silva and will be launched next January 7, on the eve of the National Festival of Chamamé that will be held in the capital of Correntina from 11 to 20 of that month.
The application will serve “to be able to spread the chamamé, its lyrics, authors, ways of singing and that can be completed since we will use a system on the same platform to be informed day by day about the agenda of the National Festival”, said Romero.
“ It is very interesting to think that technological advances can contribute to the dissemination of something as authentic and traditional as Chamamé,” said the official.
According to the developer, the application will be available for phones with iOS systems, Iphone phones, as well as for those using Android system, with chamamé songs for watching on video, listening and singing in the “karaoke” mode.
And on the other hand, there will be a space for artists and audiences to collaborate with the database, according to Silva in a report with the FM radio Sudamericana de Corrientes.
Unesco recognized the “patrimonial value” of the Chamamé in November and enabled new bodies to continue to apply it as an intangible cultural heritage of Humanity.

Source: Télam

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