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Just the Mona

It's an idol, that's clear, but it's an idol that doesn't climb on the pedestal, an idol that never forgot
La Mona Guimenez
| 11 January, 2020 |

They say that you have to be Cordobato understand what the quartetand, of course, we must also be so in order to understand what the phenomenon of the Mona Jimenezmeans. It’s an idol, that’s clear, but it’s an idol that doesn’t climb on the pedestal, an idol that never forgot where it came from. And that’s why they love him so much.

La Mona is 69 years old and 53 years old. At that time, he broke records of all kinds: he has 89 albums released, more than 4 million sold and 10,000 dances. For more than 15 years he has played on Fridays at Monumental Sargento Cabral, a club located in the San Vicente neighborhood of the city of Cordoba known as “ the Cathedral of the Quartet”.

La Monanever miss her appointment, and the dancebecomes a ritual. People who are in the audience go to worship their idol; they feel represented by him: he is one of them and could go further than anyone else. Despite this, the Mona Jiménezhelps whenever she can, does not miss her commitments and is able to open the door to a fan whose biggest dream is to meet him.

La Monafound success, but that did not get her out of her place; she never lost her humility. He knows who he is, where he comes from and who he owes. That’s why the Cordobeslove him that way. That’s why, probably, there’s no one like him.

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