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Jorge Falcón: the legacy of his voice

Jorge Falcón, one of the great voices of our tango, left this very young world. He left us, however, a
Jorge-Falcon tango
| 17 October, 2019 |

Jorge Falcon left early, maybe. However, in his short 37 years of life, he left for our tango a legacy of songs that we will never forget. Today we want to tell you his story to remember and pay tribute to him.

He was born Luis Ángel Iglesias on October 14, 1949, in the neighborhood of Parque Patricios (Buenos Aires City). Since he was a kid, he knew that his thing was to sing: he often played songs at family gatherings and at his school. Already at the age of 13 he recorded his first single and then won a contest on channel 7 playing “Malevo”. Over the years, he trained: he studied guitar, acting and vocalization; the latter with Bonezi, neither more nor less than Gardel’smaster.

The orchestra of Héctor Varela, the consecration

Integrated the Tango 5 groups, Buenos Aires 5 and the orchestras of Jorge de Luca and Gabriel Clausi. Then came the consecration: he joined the orchestra of Héctor Varela, where he debuted on the 12th of October 1976. It was then that he adopted the stage name with which he I would remember: Jorge Falcón.

In the orchestra, sang in a duet with Fernando Soler and Diego Solís. Recorded more than 20 songs and, on his first album, recorded his first commercial success: the milonga “Sugar, pepper and salt” (music by Ernesto “Titi” Rossi and Héctor Varela, and lyrics by Abel Aznar), duet with Fernando Soler.

Afterwards. his solo stage would come. In 1982 he released his first album accompanied by bandoneonist Ernesto “Titi” Oh, Rossi. In 1984 he released his most successful album, El amor desolado. This material is followed by the latest, Para todos con amor, published in 1986.

Jorge Falcón left on July 2, 1987, a cancer victim. They were left in this world to remember him his wife Alicia, his son Adrian and many songs that will remain forever among us.

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