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Hugo Marcel, a Buenos Aires tango

Hugo Marcel is one of the great performers in the history of tango. He began his career at the age
| 15 October, 2019 |

In Buenos Aires, tango is breathed in every corner. And their great voices walk among us. Hugo Marcel is one of the great performers of the history of tango, which is still alive. Born in the neighborhood of Villa Luro, he met his vocation as a boy and was able to develop it professionally at a very young age: at 14, he joined the orchestra of Leopold Frederick.

His voice, his claw, his phrasing and his power, which knows regular when the subject requires it, are features of your personal style. Throughout his career, he had the possibility of work with great masters. In 1959, he joined as a vocalist in the Osvaldo Fresedo. That same year, he recorded for the first time. The selected tangos for that opportunity were “What far from my Buenos Aires” and “After carnival.”

For a time, in the 1960s, he ventured into the melodic genre alongside Waldo de los Ríos and Lucio Milena, and had a remarkable success. He returned to tango by Mariano Mores, who summoned him to be part of his Lírica Orchestra, where he performed with other artists, such as Susy Leiva, Tita Merello and Hugo Del Carril. With Mores he had the opportunity to make important tours in the interior of the country and perform in major television productions.


Hugo Marcel continued to reap successes throughout his career. He was awarded at the First Latin Festival in New York and won the OTI in Chile. It was consecrated with Hoy I’ve seen María spend at the Third Festival Buenos Aires. He recorded with Lucio Milena, Roberto Pansera, Santos Lipesker, Osvaldo Piro and Atilio Stampone, among others. Together with Piro, head of the Juan de Dios Filiberto orchestra, he undertook a tour of the USA, Europe and Japan. He was Secretary General of the Union Artists of Variety. In film, in 1970, he starred in Ayo es Buenos Aires, along with Susana Giménez and Soledad Silveyra.

Despite all this, it is very common to find him eating peacefully with his family in a Porteño restaurant. Because Hugo Marcel is Buenos Aires, it’s tango. It is unique and, at the same time, one more of us.

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