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How to use a crop top

A basic and versatile garment that lifts any look: we show you how to combine your crop top.
24 January, 2019

Crop tops, or short tops, have become the latest fashion trend and have taken on great prominence first on the catwalk and then in the looks of the famous ones who did not resist incorporating them on the red carpet. If you want to incorporate this trend, do not miss these ideas to use a crop top.
With leather
An excellent option to combine a crop top is next to a leather texture whether it’s a short, a skirt or a trouser. You can choose a more elegant look with a long leather skirt and a neutral crop top such as white or black, or you can encourage yourself to use different colors and a patterned crop top.
The crop top looks great if you add it to a look of the same color. An elegant, modern look that always looks fashionable.
With stripes
You can be bolder and combine the top with another fashion trend – stripes. You can wear a striped look from head to toe or you can opt for just one striped garment.
With prints.
Short tops look great both with printed designs and combined with printed garments. You can choose a white crop top and combine it with a colorful and printed skirt or with trousers. You can also do the other way around and combine a patterned crop top with a smooth skirt.
With pants
The crop top is very versatile and looks good with numerous garments. And pants are no exception. You can look great with a black crop top and colorful trousers or go for a more classic look with a plain color trousers.
Black and white.
A black top and a white bottom garment, or vice versa, or even a combination of both. The combination of black and white never fails.
With short skirt
One of the best looks to show off the crop top is with short skirt, fitted or flared. You can opt for a smooth flared skirt and a strong color plain crop top to highlight the outfit or a short printed skirt with a neutral crop top.

Source: Vix

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