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How to get started on snorkeling

Snorkelling is one of the most attractive activities among sea lovers. The fun it offers makes it an ideal sport
El snorkel es una de las actividades más atractivas entre los amantes del mar
| 03 November, 2019 |

The almost 5 thousand kilometers of sea extension of our country invite both adults and children to enjoy the beaches. The shores of Mar del Plata, Puerto Madryn and The Grottos are perfect natural environments for snorkeling. They are dominated by a rich and diverse marine fauna, with calm and transparent waters. There, lovers of the sea, regardless of age, can enjoy this experience from the eyes of a window.

Alone or accompanied

Anyone who wants to start practicing this activity can do so by hiring a diving instructor who knows the better areas. In cities such as Madryn, diving capital, it is possible to snorkel with sea lions by hiring an excursion.

They will also be able to experience this practice on their own. First of all that they have to do is learn how to put on the diving equipment properly. The tube should have the nozzle between the teeth (without biting it) and behind the lips, while the lunettes should fit the size of the head with their ribbons. It is very important that they do not overtighten it.

Once in the water

When entering the sea, it is recommended to do it on your back with the legs of frogs on and without haste. If you intend to reach the place of immersion, it should be carefully lowered to avoid impact and that the equipment can be removed.

Breathing underwater with lunettes and the use of the tube is one of the issues of greatest concern. This should be from the mouth, which can result strange for the practitioner of this activity. However, they are coming out new lunetas to the market that allow you to inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. The essential thing is to breathe quietly without panicking thinking oxygen was missing. If you are going to dive completely, it is need a deep breath to fill the lungs and be able to release it progressively.

While snorkeling there is always the possibility that water through the tube despite the valve. In case this happens, the form The fastest to clean the tube is to pull the top to the surface. Then blow very hard so that the water is shot up.

Benefits of snorkeling

This sport has certain benefits for our body and mind, since that, as we dive, all our senses change.

  • Body and mind relax while you’re at sea.
  • The circulation is activated by swimming.
  • You burn calories.


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