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How did the accordion get to Argentina?

The accordion got off the ships: it came with European immigration from places like Italy and Eastern Europe. We tell
| 29 October, 2019 |

Argentina is a land of immigration. Many of our ancestors arrived on ships looking for a better future. With them, they brought as little as they could, but they did not forget what was important: those elements that would allow them to preserve the bond with their land. Between them, the accordioncame.

This is a portable instrument of Wind. Initially, he tried to imitate the sound of the church organ. For produce sound, it has two keyboards and a tab system through which passes the air that arises in a bellows, executed with both hands.

The accordion came with European immigration from places like Italy and Eastern Europe. He is the cousin of the bandoneon, but we should not confuse them: the bandoneon is most commonly used in tango; the accordion, in the folklore. The accordion came on the ships because it was easy to transport, and those who left their country wanted to bring with them something that would allow them to return in a melody.

He was nicknamed the “greengrocer”, because immigrants used it to perform music after their work, in the fifths and in the vegetable stalls. The Poles played their waltzes and polka. The Italians, their canzonettas. It was on the Argentine coast where the accordion was most rooted: it is the basic instrument of the chamameceros. It’s called “la cordiona” there.

As could not be otherwise, the first handmade accordion manufacturers arrived with the immigrants. Like Giovanni Anconetani, an Italian who installed his factory in 1882 in the City of Buenos Aires. The factory still works and has a museum that exposes the history of the accordion in our country.

An instrument that came down from a ship and today is completely rooted in our national being.

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