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Here are the trends of hairstyles for 2019

We present you the most trendy ideas to play with your hair and brand new look this year. What do
| 29 January, 2019 |

Bangs in all versions.
The bangs are going to be one of the main trends this season, so adapting your hairstyles and collected to them becomes a priority. A low bun or a high tail gain style when worn with bangs framing the face. The effect changes a lot depending on how long your hair is. You can wear short, paraded bangs, 20s and extra long bangs.
Pixie with bangs
We do not forget about one of the most sought cuts this year: pixies (very scaled short hair) will be a safe bet, but they do not get rid of the long bangs that give a lot of play when it comes to combing.

Short “Bob”
The stockings maned in the style ‘bob’ are the wildcard hairstyle of some season ago. This is one of the easiest cuts to care for and that always favors. They are still wearing with broken waves and asymmetries on the front. Hairstyle trick: if you are lazy to weld your hair in the morning, make yourself some braids at night; when you get up, let go and go.

“ Long bob”
The “long bob”, or straight mane at the height of the clavicles, is still trend. You can straighten it or curl it or carry it with undone waves. The latter is the extreme ironing and bring the front of the mane behind the ears.

“ Swag”
One of the manes that we will see most on the catwalks and red carpets are the ‘swang’ manes (long XL hair with many layers and open bangs), with a lot of movement. Smooth, wavy or extra smooth.

Mane “midi” and “
blorange” blorange is the copper shade halfway between blond and orange. If you are white skin, it is a perfect choice for you. If you combine it with a haircut above the jaw — that’s how you wear a midi mane — you’ll have the perfect look this season.

Hairstyles undone or “messy”
Hairstyles with a polished finish are one of the keys to this season, but also those that have a certain “messy” and disheveled air. They are very flattering and, moreover, there are years left instantly. And they’re great, especially if you get up with rebellious, indomitable hair. The “midi” mane allows you to get a quick pick up in a couple of minutes: all the hair back (no streaks), a couple of loose strands and you’re done!

waves The fifties style waves, well marked and with volume in the stripe, promise to become the star hairstyle during this year, so, if you have any important events, do not hesitate.

Source: Mujer Hoy

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