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Sexuality in quarantine

Quarantine sexuality is becoming a big topic. We leave you some advice from our sexologist, Dr. Liliana Di Blasio.
| 10 April, 2020 |

I was wondering and finding out what are the changes in the sexuality of a quarantined human being. Since we have a deprivation of liberty, with a change in life habits, with a responsible obligation to social isolation.

We stop sharing the flow from day to day. To exchange with what everyone is accustomed to with all the actors of our everyday life. Children, family, coworkers, friends, ex-partner, clients, patients.

I bet on the wide adaptability of the human being, and I put a few more chips on us Argentines. Despite the fear it represses, the uncertainty of what will happen, the stigma of the event in other countries of the world, the pandemic.

Let’s adapt to positive.

I heard both. Theysaid, “What I care less (or more) is sex. And I don’t know if after this we’ll be together.”


the face of crises, we all know that there are changes and opportunities. To be creative with our sexuality. Let’s explore new things, either alone or accompanied. Let’s fulfill slogans of outstanding fantasies. Why not with good management in the networks? Share feelings with sexting, or sexting.

It is proven that sexual activity increases opiate neurotransmitters that reduce pain. And they positively influence the mood . Improving the mood. Serotoninis also produced, avoiding depression.

I came up with a healthy advice : when it comes to sex, let’s switch the coronavirus to the coronasutra.

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