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The true story behind the carrot of Bugs Bunny

The properties of carrot juice and the obsession of the world's most famous rabbit, for such a vegetable. Reality or
Las propiedades del jugo de zanahorias y la obsesión del conejo
02 December, 2019

Often, I love to give a story touch to the articles I write, make them more entertaining, for my readers. In addition, to be able to share useful information about each food, nutrient, or whatever you choose, just talk about a protein, a carbohydrate or a fat .

Today I wanted to tell you about the properties of a good juice of carrots and I thought about the rabbits, and then I told myself, that will have to see Bugs Bunny in all this. So I give you a brief summary of what I could investigate about that rabbit, which had a lot of us in childhood, with his mischief.

Bugs and their obsession

First I thought,“Is it true that rabbits eat carrots?” – Yeah . I remember Bugs lying eating one. –Don’t you guys?

There were many generations that we’ve grown up watching Bugs Bunny the world’s most famous rabbit eating carrots. It was the lucky rabbit. –Remember?

I’ll tell you. What I could find out, and as always I transcribe what I researched.

“ It’s actually a satire of one of the most-watched movies in the 1940s ‘It Happened One Night’ starring Clark Gable, the classic pose of Bugs chewing on his carrot, was based on a scene from the film in which the character of Gable leans against a fence, eating carrots quickly and talking with a full mouth to the character of co-protagonist Claudette Colbert. This scene was quite well known at the time, when viewers saw Bugs Bunny eating carrots, they remembered it’s a scene and kept laughing, realizing that the rabbit was parody Clark Gable.” People this was a long time ago …

There are those who claim that in addition to the carrot scene, Gable also inspired the birth of Bugs, because of his big ears, although this has never been confirmed.

Very funny, isn’t it?

After this little story, now if let’s talk about the properties of a rich carrot juice.

The properties of carrots

Carrot contains beta-carotene, vitamin A and alpha carotene. Betacaroten

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