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Myths and truths of a treatment that revolutionized aesthetic medicine

The most popular treatment in recent times
| 07 April, 2020 |

The most objective representation of aging is wrinkles, which are generated by the expression of our face. These expressions demonstrate our feelings and form the true universal language.

With the passage of time, the balance between expression and youth is broken and the battle is won by the expression we have used the most. Some of these may be anger, surprise, tiredness or the very lines of the contour of the eyes, which are marked when smiling and we call “crow’s feet”.

The situation is that our face is dynamic and we do not want to immortalize a wrinkle that does not represent us. Rather, we prefer to show different feelings according to the moment.

That is why today we are going to demystify some questions about BOTULINIC TOXINE; the most popular treatment in recent times and which has excellent results for the reduction of expression wrinkles.

“BOTOX inflates the face”. FALSE.

It has no filling effect, on the contrary, it is a treatment that provides a relaxed look and eliminates expression wrinkles for approximately 6 months.

“When the effect of botox fades, the face falls off. FALSE.

The duration of the effect will depend on each person, since it is not the same if a person gesticulates a lot or a little. It will last less if it is more expressive. But the face will return to the same state, or even look better, with the sum of the sessions.

¨Cada younger and younger are the people who are aplica¨. TRUE.

It was observed that not only treats wrinkles, but prevents them, that is why young people / adults perform this treatment when the first expression lines appear.

¨Tiene the lips botoxeados¨. FALSE

A very listened to expression. When a lip is deformed, it has probably been filled with a bad technique or with an unharmonious proportion. But I repeat, it is a treatment for expression lines, therefore, it does not fill.

It is always important to do it with a doctor who is an expert in aesthetic medicine.

For more questions or myths about the treatment, leave your comment!

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