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Great voices of Argentine folklore

The list is long and choose only a few, impossible. To begin with, we leave you these 6 great voices
11 October, 2019

The list is long and choose only a few, impossible. To begin with, we leave you these 6 great voices of Argentine folklore .

Mercedes Sosa

On July 9, 1935, one of the voices that have moved Argentines most over the years was born in Tucumán : Mercedes Sosa. The voice of the Negra was not just a prodigy and a pride of folklore: it was a song of struggle, of dignity, of strength. His songs gave a word to the native peoples, gave women a space, dignified workers and appreciated the simplicity of a child. His voice generated a collective cry for justice and freedom, which is still heard today. His music will always continue to play in the hearts of all Argentines. It is, without a doubt, one of the great voices of Argentine folklore.

Omar Moreno Palacios

Omar Moreno Palacios was born in Chascomús, Buenos Aires, on September 5, 1938. There, between stoves and by inheritance, he learned to sing and tell stories, some cheerful, others not so much, showing the poet’s ability to reflect landscapes and emotions. He began his professional career in November 1956. He shared stage with artists such as Grupo Vocal Argentino, Raúl Barboza, Amelita Baltar and Los Chalchaleros. In the 90s it was presented in Paris, France, with great public recognition. Today, at his 80’s, he continues to delight us with a folklore that represents his beloved province of Buenos Aires like no other.

Peteco Carabal

Cantor, guitarist, violinist and composer, Peteco made his professional debut in 1974 with “Santiago Trio”, with whom he recorded his first material record. The following year he joined the historic family group “Los Carabajal“. “Like birds in the air”, “Perfume de carnaval”, “La estrella azul”, “I say la mazamorra”, “Puente Carretero”, “Mi abuela ó bailó la zamba”, to name just a few, are works that have traveled the world and are already part of the cultural heritage of the Argentine people.

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