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Gotan Project: Back to the Future

Gotan Project is a jazz electronic and electronic tango band that took the tango to the discos. Did you know
Gotan Project es una banda de tango electrónico y electrónica jazzística
| 07 September, 2019 |

Musical genres are not fixed: they mutate, reinvent and merge. Gotan Project is a clear example of that. This electronic tango band and electronic jazzística managed to bring the tango to the discotheques. Based in Paris, it is composed of Argentine musician Eduardo Makaroff, Swiss Christoph H. Müller and French DJ Philippe Cohen Solal.

The name of the trio comes from a play on words very common in our lands: the vesre. Gotan is nothing more or less than “tango” backwards. Gotan Project debuted in 2000 with the album Vuelvo al sur. Today, his tracks are part of the selections of the world’s leading disc jockeys.

As they mention on their website: “Today, as yesterday, it is first of all about telling stories, those eternal stories of the imaginary of tango, murky loves for sharp allegories, “cinematic” horseback rides, reminiscent of the soul of the gauchos… And, beyond, that of an entire country: Argentina”.

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