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Five key stanzas of Martín Fierro

Martín Fierro is a book that does not need introduction: we all know what it is.
| 17 October, 2019 |

With his pen, José Hernández achieved something indescribably difficult: his stanzas became popular at the level of which are recognized even by those who did not read the text.

Enough of the prologues, with you, five key stanzas of Martín Fierro, the poem that never goes out of fashion.

There I spent the hours/without having naides with me/having God as a witness,/and my fixed thoughts/on my wife and children,/on my payment and on my friend.

One of the best shows the condition to which Fierro has been pushed by the State: he lost his family, his friends and his place of belonging. All that, said with a seldom seen beauty.

If you hold it, you’re gaucho brute;/if you don’t stand it, it’s bad gaucho./Give him whip, give him stick,/because it’s what he needs! /Of everyone who was born gaucho/this is the cursed luck.

Little to add. The ethos of the poem summarized in six verses. It’s wonderful.

Dende little I gained a living with my work, and although I was always downstairs and I don’t know what it’s like to go up, too much suffering, usually weary us, shuffle!

Why does Fierro become a deserter and move in with the Indians? Why are you turning your back on the state? Exactly for this. A summary of the everyday injustice that the gauchaje lived.

The law is spider’s web/and in my ignorance I splenish it Don’t be afraid of the rich man, don’t be afraid of the man who sends, because the bug breaks it. big/and only enrys the boys.

I can’t think of any more successful way (and a lot less poetic) to explain something as complex as the law in a single Stanza. Texts like this Hernandez is who he is.

They have their heads full;/there are sages of all mores;/ But I say without being too shower/better than learning a lot/learning things Good.

I don’t add anything. Stay with that beauty.

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