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Five ideas for ordering small bathrooms

With these simple storage solutions, it will be a very easy task. Take note of these tricks that will help
5 ideas
| 05 April, 2019 |

  1. Cabinets and Drawers: you will find it very useful to use transparent boxes or separators that keep small items like tweezers, brushes or hair accessories in place no matter how long you open and close.
  2. Low bottom cabinets: they are a good choice to use the wall above your toilet, a space almost never used. Take advantage of it to store what you need as it is a good way to keep order.
  3. Stools or benches with extra storage: in a space as multifunctional as the bathroom, they are true allies: either to reach items in high cabinets or to sit down to comb your hair, plus some benches with a lid that will give you a small space of extra storage.
  4. Mirror, Mirror: If you place a mirror on the door your bathroom will look more diaphanous and you won’t have to look for space to place another mirror.
  5. Decorate the bathroom with small baskets: they allow you to have everything at hand without invading your space. They are flexible and allow you to display the most beautiful personal hygiene products. In addition, you will give a plus of decoration to your bathroom.

Source: Deck Magazine

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