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Expo Gamecom, comics and video games from Tucumán

Tucumán has developed Expo Gamecom, its first exhibition of video games and comics with some shortcomings, a good initiative, and
Tucumán ha desarrollado Expo Gamecom
06 November, 2019

The capital of Tucuman has experienced its first Gamecom Expo, an event organized by the municipality. In Tucumán , fairs in squares, parks and various tourist walks have become very popular. Most do not have specific slogans or themes, they are usually handicrafts and locally produced meals. This time the cultural proposal was aimed at gamers and comakers.

Video games are gaining a huge popularity in recent years. This happens for two reasons: the first is very popular and massive free games; the other – the tendency to be an observer of other players. The comic, on the other hand, in many cases suffered from many prejudices and was even reduced to a simple hobby of children. That has changed today and Expo Gamecom sought to exploit these cultures.

Thinking of an expo or fair of video games and comics in Tucumán could have been impossible. Basically because of the economic situation, since the province is one of the poorest in the country. It is necessary to link the economic factor because video games are usually expensive, difficult to access and are not an indispensable asset in every household. The same has happened with the comic book , the strength that superhero films have taken has enhanced the true source, the role, the comic.

You could see at Expo Gamecom a lot of merchandise trade electronic games and some video games. The most attractive stands or more people gathered around them were, without a doubt, those who showed products made with 3D printers. Some had their printers working right there, so that everyone would appreciate its functioning.

The most summoning

The CosplayContest could not miss, without a doubt it was the event that concentrated all the attention on the main stage of the Gamecom Expo. There was an award ceremony and a tournament of Xbox for kids. And, where there are small, there has to be some food or drink, so from the fair thought of everything and there were many stalls with food.


It was the first edition, the initiative is innovative and has to be the foundation to enhance the experience of gamers and Eat you. On this occasion they focused on trade, and in many cases trade outside the subject. A player or a convoy attends these places to learn and know, rather than buy. Big video games, like big comics, have stories behind them and what leads us to a fair or show is exactly that.

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