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eRosary, the first intelligent rosary

The Vatican presented “eRosary”, a smart rosary that connects to the cell phone via an app and costs 99 euros.
El Vaticano presentó
| 29 October, 2019 |

“ Renew or die,” says the saying. And this, at a time when society changed considerably, is more necessary than ever. We have to adapt to the 21st century, to the way we see things, to consume them. If you’re not able to use social networks, apps, and messaging apps, your message might not arrive very much Far away. And, this new world reality, the Catholic Church took it very seriously, so she created eRosary, the first intelligent rosary.

Who would have imagined that in 2019 the faithful would be able to pray through their cell phone?. The “eRosary” came to join the Vatican technology applicationClick to Pray“, and allows connection to phones via bluetooth.

The device was manufactured by Taiwanese technology company Gadgetek Inc. (GTI), as well as content development. Since 2018, they are the ones who make the videos with which the Pope divulges prayer intentions on YouTube.

About eRosary and its software

Physically, the rosary consists of ten consecutive beads, made of hematite and black agate. In addition, it has a “smart cross” capable of storing technological data and synchronizing them with the app that brings the bracelet.

Its software is super modern and easy to use. It allows the user to choose different prayer modes (standard, contemplative or thematic rosary) and keep track of their prayers. The application is updated as the user completes his prayers. This allows you to see updates and progress of completed prayers and prayers that are still available or pending.

The Vatican Instagram

According to the Vatican, his eRosary is part of the Pope’s World Prayer Network, and teaches you “how to pray the rosary for world peace”. The best thing is that it even has a function to track how you’re doing health — like Apple Watch, but in rose —. If you’re interested in the Catholic smart device, you can buy it online for 110 dollars, 85 pounds or 99 euros.


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