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Decorate with shelves

Shelves are functional furniture that, in turn, bring aesthetic value to the environment. We tell you how to use them.
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03 June, 2019

If there is something that never is missing in homes are books, decorative elements or just usual use. For the storage of the same, the most functional furniture is usually the shelves. However, the design and its location within an environment must be carried with grace and aesthetic sense. In this way we will get a piece not only utilitarian but also decorative.

The shelf as a piece of interior design has many aspects: depending on the material, budget and style you want. In modern and contemporary spaces the essence is the purity of the lines. In these cases, large horizontal and parallel shelves of the same color or similar shade as the wall are usually chosen. Also by hanging shelves that do not reach the floor to enhance the feeling of lightness.

If you think of lofts or constructions with very high ceilings, an interesting alternative is to opt for a custom-made shelf, floor to ceiling. In these cases it is recommended that the area of closed drawers be placed at the bottom.

The secret lies in reducing its visual weight and, for this, nothing better than giving it a light tone finish. The thickness will give a feeling of quality. From 2.5 cm to 6 cm it will be obtained from a homogeneous container to something as variable as the shapes and colors of books and objects.

The most daring and innovative can choose to place wooden shelves and paint them in colors, play with the shapes (shelves with geometric patterns or with sloping sides) or use other elements not intended for this purpose such as ladders, fruit drawers, pallets and to pipes. Any element can be susceptible to acting as a sideboard.

Of course, there are original and curious shelves that come like this from the factory. Flexible ones can be obtained, which adapt to the shape you want, invisible ones, which go unnoticed when the books are placed (they seem to float) and those with circular, conical or hexagonal shape. This already depends on the budget you have.

The truth is that with some tricks insulate or ordinary shelves can become an attractive furniture. Painting them in colors, in some vivid tone, or using contrasts is a great alternative. Another option is to have several drawers in the shape of a cube or rectangle framing a door, a bed back or place them on top of each other without any sort of order.

Source: Magazine Deck

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