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“Cuyo folklore is the music that identifies us”

The Abraham Sisters have become references in Cuyana music. They had a great 2019 and go for more this season.
Las Hermanas Abraham se han convertido en referentes de la música cuyana
24 October, 2019

Tunuyán is definitely one of the most beautiful places that Mendoza has. By its nature, its landscapes, and tourist and economic attractions. Also some shows, such as the Festival de la Tonada, are the reason for the presence of thousands of people every year. The tune, something so characteristic of our folklore. And, in that sense, there is a surname around music: Abraham.

The lives of Marianela and Betiana revolve around music for a long time. Actually, the Abraham Sisters have been surrounded by folklore since they were 11 years old. “In 1997 we started with music thanks to a teacher who encouraged us in this, Magdalena Granda. But our parents always made us in touch with music, because when we were at home, when we drove, we always sang together. But the one who introduced us to folklore was the primary music teacher.”

However, before, the girls had already approached some music: “The first contact we had with a musical instrument was thanks to a grandmother who gave us a toy piano, which is tuned to this day. That’s where we started to get songs out of ear, of all kinds of genre.” But the contribution of the primary teacher was substantial for the gender they have chosen to express. “Magui, our teacher, introduced us to folklore. It made us listen carefully and analytically.”

A family tradition

Thus, folklore is a family tradition: “On Sundays with the family, with roasts, there is always the radio on with folklore programs. And with our grandfather we’d go to the National Tonada Festival and spend all night listening to those bands. We’ve sucked folklore since we were girls.” But it is also a tradition of all Cuyanos: Cuyano folklore is the music that identifies us, with that sonority of guitars, with that work as a duo, both vocals and guitars, with their characteristic points ”. But, as avant-garde music marks, singers do not stay with pure folklore, “we merge it with other Latin American genres such as son, murga or chá chá chá”.

The 2.0 Age

The Abraham Sisters are very happy with the new ways to consume music, and assure that “digital platforms are a very large window that opens to all musicians who want to show what that we do and transcend the borders of the province. We have the disk. loaded on these platforms and has been very important. We have come out of the province and country, and we have contacted people who listen to us through Spotify, for example”.

Obviously, platforms are for young people and teenagers. And these are not left alone with trap, reggaeton or rock. “We cannot stay out of this system. Platforms are used for boys to reach genres such as folklore. Young people are interested in him. Today the range of

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