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Crossing Columbia 2019 Crossing

San Martín de los Andes, in Neuquén, and the Andean Cordillera will again be the scene of the Columbia Crossing.
ruce Columbia. La competencia será del en diciembre.
| 26 October, 2019 |

The first Columbia Crossing was made in 2002 seeking to unite Argentina with Chile through sport. Runners from both countries — in their first editions — and then from all over the world began to echo this extreme adventure sports competition. Thus, the event went from gathering 300 people — back in 2002 —to having more than 4000 registered in its last edition.

The race lasts for three days, that is, it takes place in three stages. The runners make a journey of 100 kilometers, crossing different landscapes, sharing camps and measuring teamwork. The competition takes place in pairs, that is to say that doubles are formed to overcome each of the posts.

About the landscape

The landscape by which the race develops is of an attractive Unmatched. During their tour, the participants cross the mountains, snow-capped peaks, forests, lakes and mountain rock areas.

Although this sporting event is always held in summer, the weather conditions are usually varied throughout the race. There are sections where the sun accompanies temperatures ranging from 20 to 25 degrees. Others are usually adverse, having runners go through situations of extreme cold , snow, wind and abundant rains.

That’s why it’s said that the “Columbia Crossing is not for anyone.” It requires a great pre-workout and a fitness fit to withstand the difficulties of this extreme challenge.

About the adventurous

The race brings together runners from all over the world. In its last edition there was more than 35 countries will be present and, this year, 45 nations will be present.

The participants are of different ages, mostly amateurs and some professionals consecrated. They usually run in doubles and in one of the three categories (ladies, gentlemen or mixed). Also, there are those who do individual way, betting on double effort and great preparation professional.

Undoubtedly, all the “adventurous columbiense” live great emotions during their passage through the crossing, taking with them unforgettable memories of self-improvement.

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