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Carrovelism, horseback riding and mountaineering in San Juan

San Juan and its geography offer us a unique space to maximize our adrenaline level in carveling and other activities.
Carrovelismo, cabalgatas y montañismo en San Juan
| 15 December, 2019 |

Three outdoor activities to live an adventure in San Juan, with different characteristics according to the action you need. The speed of carriage, the history of cablgatas and the vertigo of mountaineering.

The Carriage of the Car

I lived a unique experience surfing on board a sailing cart, at the mercy of the gusts of the wind, which reaches speeds close to 80 km per hour in the Pampa el Leoncito, white and radiant plain 12 km long by 4 km wide, 1900 meters above sea level , with the best views of the Andes Mountains.

Horseback riding

You can find in Rivadavia, Ullum, Zonda, Calingasta. I rode on horseback the mountain departments and valleys of San Juan that characterize landscapes of imposing landscapes making short tours or expeditions that need multi-day logistics. The most attractive options are as follows:

  1. Crossing of the Andes: Crossing of the Patos Sur, expedition full of emotions due to the magnitude of the landscapes and the harsh weather. The work of mules, guides and baqueans, added to the historical stamp where the epic is revived. The great patriot Don José de San Martín and his liberating troops chose these ravines, mountain ranges, valleys. Here we began our freedom as a country and continent. The operation is from December to March.
  2. The Parade of Faith to the Dead Correa: Sample of faith, tradition and tourist interest with the participation of more than 5000 people. Riders and pilgrims participate in carriages and sulkys. They travel a distance of 60 kilometers between the city of San Juan and the oratorio de la Diverta Correa.


Enjoy trekking and ascents low, medium and high difficulty by the imposing mountain range of Sanjuanina. Mount Mercedario, fourth highest peak in Argentina, mythical mountain of the beautiful Cordillera de la Ramada. It is one of the most visited. There the Incas knew how to ascend to the 6720 meters from its snowy summit to worship the sun god.

Certified mountain guides offer expeditions for people with little experience. You will have the necessary services for a Safe expedition through places of pristine beauty. There are adventures for the most experienced. These are a great challenge towards the white peaks by routes. normal and with greater difficulty by different hills in the area.

Don’t miss the opportunity to climb, ride and ride the fast cars. Visit San Juan.

Source: Ministry of Tourism and Culture of San Juan

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