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Carlos Sorín’s “Joel” will compete at the 48th Rotterdam Film Festival

The Festival will take place in the Dutch city between 23 January and 3 February.
| 29 October, 2019 |

The Argentine production “Joel” by Carlos Sorín was selected to participate in the Big Screen competition at the 48th International Film Festival Rotterdam, Holland, which will take place between January 23 and February 3.
Three main prizes are at stake in this competition, the first of 30,000 euros, and another two of 15,000.
The filmmaker’s film is in addition to other Argentine productions that will also be participating in the international exhibition, Romina Paula’s “De nuevo otra vez”; Mariano Llinás’s “La flor” and Gastón Solnicki’s “Introduczione all’oscuro”.
The film by the author of “La película del rey” and “Historias minima” tells the story of a couple in Patagonia who, unable to conceive children, receives the news that there is one in adoption, nine years old, who carries a tough story, a subject that they will have to deal with.
Joel will compete, among others, with the Italian film “Bangla” by Phaim Bhuiyan; the American documentary “Hail Satan?” by Penny Lane, Danish “Queen of Hearts” by May el-Touky, Israeli “God of the Piano” by Italy Tal, and Swedish “Transnistra” by Anna Emanso.

Source: Télam

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