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By bike getting to know the wineries

A poster between wineries synthesizes with three words, “Bikes and wines”. A phenomenon that adapts to all the tourist attractions
“Bikes and wines”
06 November, 2019

As we began to tour the former winery Giol, one of Maipú’s classics, we observed that a group of tourists were taking a guided tour on board several mountain bikes and with a guide who, also by bike, led the group. Seeing this, we immediately understood why on various roads and routes of Maipú it is common to see groups of cyclists: these are tourists who are knowing and wandering through wineries, olive groves and how much tourist provider has something to show.

Our friend Edgardo was a high mountain guide and is, for years, one of the local entrepreneurs who throughout the year guides groups of tourists from all over the world (whatever the language the group speaks) to do the different tours of wine and olive trees, always by bike.

Its microenterprise, called Maipú Aventuras, offers the opportunity to go out and pedal through the most representative wineries of Maipú to learn about the history of wine in Argentina, without neglecting small family ventures of wine and vine that open their doors to this new form of sightseeing.

After listening to the proposal that Edgardo had prepared for us, we agreed to meet first thing the next day to share with a group of tourists this unique adventure.

The tour


time, we waited in Ozamis street at 1000 that visitors would start to reach the starting point, in this case the former winery Giol. In addition to being the first winery to be explored, it has a history rich in anecdotes and glories that deserve to be known.

From there, just crossing the street, we enter pedaling tothe Museum of Wine and Harvestof the city of Maipú, another of the landmarks of this city that must be visited to understand why wine is so important in this country.

Source: Welcome Argentina

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