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In January, the Fine Arts offers temporary exhibitions, workshops and guided tours

The Museum offers a varied daily schedule so that the whole family can enjoy
| 02 January, 2019 |

The monumental sculpture Aphrodite of Capua, the samples of English watercolor artist William Turner and the Argentine artist and architect Clorindo Testa, as well as the works of the permanent collection and three other temporary exhibitions make up the agenda of the National Museum of Fine Arts for January.
In addition, you will be able to participate in informative talks and from January 10, on Thursdays at 18.15, there will be a workshop to draw the Greek goddess, exhibited in the central hall of the Museum.
In turn, guided tours continue by the exhibit of J. M. W. Turner, which presents a selection of watercolors created between 1791 and 1845. Guided tours will take place on Tuesdays at 12 and 17, and from Wednesday to Sunday at 18.45. On
Fridays and Saturdays in January, at 18, the workshop for teenagers and adults “Too Turner for Tears” continues, which invites to experiment with watercolors based on the work of the English artist.
For the little ones, there will be a theatrical tour that proposes to find hidden treasures behind the watercolours of the Tate Collection. And, since January 8, storytelling in front of works by Léger, Pettoruti and Curatella Manes, a participatory visit to the art halls of the twentieth century, an approach to art through corporal expression and activities that combine visits with work in workshops.
Meanwhile, the exhibition Clorindo Testa: “This is my house” will feature guided tours from January 10; while until February 17 the works of Carlos Alonso, Delia Cancela, Juan Carlos Distéfano, Noemí Escandell, Norberto Gómez, Roberto Jacoby, Marie Orensanz and Manuela Rasjido, winners of the National Award for the Artistic Trajectory.
Until January 20, you can see the paintings by Horacio Butler, Juan Carlos Castagnino, José Antonio Fernández Muro, María Martorell and Martha Peluffo that are part of “Collections in dialogue”, a cross of pieces from the collection of Banco Ciudad in different halls of Fine Arts.

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