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Poet girl: at 11 years old he presented his book

Jazmín Samaniego has published his first book of poetry. The girl poet is the first result of the project “Small
Jazmín Samaniego
26 January, 2020

Jazmín Samaniego, a correntina, just 11 years old, has presented her own book with poems by her author. The girl poet is a student of the Primary School N°1 Manuel Belgrano. The fact is remarkable for Samaniego’s ability to relate to writing, but it is not the only thing.

It was no coincidence that, at the age of 11, he published his first book. Jazmín Samaniego began his relationship with writing since he was eight years old in the workshop “Little Correntino Writers”. This is organized and managed by the Argentine Society of Writers, and coordinated by the teacher Iliana Romero.

Since the beginning of the workshop, the girl poet had accumulated a total of 55 poems written. His family’s trajectory and history influenced. Her grandmother, also a writer and author of two books, encouraged the girl to write one. Jasmine was told that with effort she could do it, and so it was, with the motivation of her grandmother the girl set up her first book.

Jazmín Samaniego
Jasmine Samaniego.

Feelings with a girl’s face

Feelings with girl face is the name of the book. Its content clearly expresses interpretations of love, nature and feelings. Always since the perspective and interpretation of an 11-year-old girl who embodied her curiosities in words.

The presentation took place at UNNE and Samaniego’s joy was outstanding. Also the joy of all those who were part of the project. Many worked on editing, editing, design, drawing, prologue and titles. In addition, Romero highlighted the possibility given by Editorial D to publish this work.

The book of Jasmine Samaniego, the girl poet, is only the first of the project Small Correntino Writers of SADE. Romero anticipated that other children’s personal anthologies are already prepared. They’ll be stories. fantastic, realistic, legends and even horror.

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