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María Rosa Yorio put rock on feminist literature

As part of the Feminist Literature Cycle developed in Chaco, María Rosa Yorio presented her book “Assasínme”. We'll tell you
María Rosa-Yorio
| 15 January, 2020 |

The great figure at the launch of the Feminist Literature Cycle was, without a doubt, María Rosa Yorio , artist and rocker. The singer presented her book Asesínme: rock and feminism in the 70s in Chaco. Yorio is recognized not only for his work, but also for the spaces he has entered and deconstructed. His example has been a formative image for many other artists.

Yorio’s book also relates part of his life with one of the icons of national rock, Charly García. With the rocker they also had Miguel García, an artist who in every tone shows that he carries Charly’s genes.

The Feminist Literature Cycle was given as part of the celebrations of the 30 years of La Paz Bookstore. The bookstore worked alongside the Institute of Tourism to carry forward this event and count on Yorio’s presence.

Yorio’s main idea in his book is to show how he was to be a woman in rock in the ’70s. But the story grew and it was inevitable not to tell how he spent the day with rock giants. In his lines recounts the experiences experienced in each essay, recordings and shows.

A reflection on feminism

The Feminist Literature Cycle has as its main aim to develop a deconstruction and reflect on the masculinity and feminism. The rocker redoubled the bet and sentenced: “The deconstruction is also women’s, because we too can be very chauvinistic.”

María Rosa Yorio was surprised by the positions taken by some women. But she stressed that many of the social movements are starting from women. Feminism is not only a symbol of his speech, it is also a symbol of each of the lyrics of his new songs.

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