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From the ashes, this is how the ECA resurfaced

You can visit the renovated Espacio Contemporáneo de Arte (ECA), a place that pays homage to many plastic artists in
Ya se puede recorrer el renovado Espacio Contemporáneo de Arte
31 December, 2019

With a tribute to referents who revolutionized the local scene and positioned the province in the order of artistic creation, the new ECA offers a luxurious environment for the visual arts. In addition to the impressive building, you can enjoy the exhibition of more than 200 works by more than 65 artists from Mendoza, Buenos Aires and Chile . The exhibition Encuentro de Arte Figurativo is carried out by the Ministry of Culture, in co-production with Revista Ophelia.

During the opening, the imposing of name on the emblematic building was formalized, in tribute to the great Mendocina artistEliana Molinelliand to 12 local referents, in each room.

The opening was initiated byNatasha and Tania Driban Molinelli, daughters of the Mendoza sculpture, who said: “We only want to to thank you all for being here and to thank, from here for the deserved tribute to our mother, who is in heaven.” The artists recognized for the the ECA rooms areLuis Quesada, Jose Scacco, Marcelo Santangelo, Roberto Azzoni, Orlando Pardo, Sara Rosales, Selva Vega, Ángel Gil, José Bermúdez, Antonio Sarelli, Raúl Castromán and Dardo Retamozza.

Sara Rosales, one of the honored artists , said: “I receive this recognition with great joy, like a caress. It is a space that will remain for all the young and talented artists in our province, who come with increasingly interesting proposals, impossible to pigeonhole and which embody absolute artistic freedom.”

A space for the public and artists

In what was a real meeting of artists, doers cultural and the general public, the Secretary of Culture, Diego Gareca, commented that “it is a great joy to be able to share this reopening with the artistic community and all the Mendoza people. We have done a major restoration of the ECA and we are very happy with works on stained glass, moldings, electrical installation, painting, flooring and material recycling in basements and rooms. We leave enabled today a space, which adds to the rest of those held by the Secretariat of Culture, to give more options, both to artists who wish to exhibit and to the public to tour.”

At her turn, María Laura Tint, coordinator of the ECA, stressed that “it is a very important day for all the artists of Mendoza, because we have been working very responsibly to recover this beautiful space for all the people of Mendoza”.

SOURCE: Mendoza Post

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