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Hip hop in the red land

Days ago, the hip hop festival, Freestyle modality, was held in the city of Posadas. We tell you all about
Ballet and Dance
| 19 February, 2020 |

Hip hop, or rap, is one of the most popular musical genres among young people around the world. In Misiones province, hip hop treads hard. High Quality Crew, a group of urban dancers from the city of Posadas, is already recognized worldwide. This year they will participate in the 2020 Hip Hop World Cup in Arizona, USA. But hip hop in Misiones is much more than international awards. It is an urban and free expression movement that infects young people in all the districts of the province.

The Festival

The event took place on Sunday 2 February in the city of Posadas. The festival was organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Hiding Place of Puerto Rico. This group, through hip hop, comes performed freestyle competencies as a way to favor free expression. These “battles”, in which the reality of thousands of young missionaries, are a tool of social containment.

Since organizing the freestyle battle, Shuster commented on the origins of hip hop on missionary land. “From Puerto Rico is born the cultural movement Hiding Place, which makes the competitions of frees Yle. This time we are accompanied by the Province, something very good because it makes visible this expression of the young people in the neighborhoods. An expression that is often very marginalized as art and culture.”

In addition, Shuster explained that hip hop always denounced injustices and the current exclusion in Argentina and Misiones. Freestyle also shares the same task. It is the expression tool for young people in the neighborhoods far away. That’s why their rhymes speak of what they see, poverty, the marginalization, discrimination, violence. However, gender is not purely protest. He also talks about the good, the friendship, the projects and dreams.

The battle had, at times, epic tints, and proved that the dictionary is not an obsolete tool. Ruru de Garupá obtained the 1st place. Master Key and Gemma (the only female participant) earned the 2nd and 3rd respectively. The winners received as prizes audio recording vouchers and video clips for the realization of their songs.

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