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Argentinian Trapero co-directs the miniseries “Patria”, for HBO

The Spanish press considers it “the television project of the year”.
| 14 January, 2019 |

A strike by the workers of the Vasena workshops caused a bloody repression in the streets of Buenos Aires by law enforcement and parastatal elements, who acted with an ostensible anti-Semitic bias, in a fact that became known as the Tragic Week.
Argentine director Pablo Trapero will co-direct the miniseries “Patria”, which the Spanish press considers “the television project of the year” in that country, since the novel by Fernando Aramburu, on which it is based, was acquired by producer Aitor Gabilondo with the intention of making an audiovisual adaptation for the HBO channel.
“ Patria” sums up, through family confrontations, the years of political violence and pain in the Basque Country and presents itself as a blockbuster that the filmmaker defines as “a long film, of which there are few but which can be seen at a glance or in parts; above all, because of the density and volume of the characters, impossible to summarize in just two hours.”
According to the Madrid press, the presence of Trapero – who will share the directorial tasks with local Félix Viscarret- coincides with the auspicious premiere of “La quietud”, a film very well received by audiences in theatres and critics, already released in Argentina and with the leading roles by Argentine-French director Bérénice Bejo and Martina Gusmán, director’s wife.
Trapero’s activity has been intense since the end of 2018, since he has directed three of the eight chapters of the series “ZeroZeroZero” in Morocco, which adapts the eponymous book by Italian Roberto Saviano, author of “Gomorrah”, on the subject of drug trafficking.

Source: Télam

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