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An app to take care of all Argentines

The national government launched an application that allows self-testing of coronavirus and access to up-to-date information on the progress of
Una app para cuidar
| 26 March, 2020 |

Among so many fake news going around, the only certainty can be obtained from official information. The national government launched an application for mobile devices that allows citizens to take a coronavirusautotest . It also reports on developments in the progress of the pandemic and on measures taken by national authorities to contain it.

app coronavirus

The app can only be installed on phones with Android operating system and can be downloaded from Google Play. However, there is also the possibility to perform the test online from any browser (on the phone or on the computer) entering the official site.

Once we enter the app, we find an extensive document of conditions that you need to accept to access the load of personal data. The next screen displays a map with the geolocation of the phone and a question about the current state of health of the user. If the answer is “wrong”, a form of questions about possible symptoms (body temperature, cough, sore throat, difficulty ) and the person is asked to inform if he is part of any of the risk groups (by age, pregnancy or pre-existing disease).

Considering all the answers, the application requests again a contact phone number and the address of the apartment of the user. If this is a suspicious case, the data will be used by the authorities to contact with the person.

If when starting the app, the user responds that he is in good condition state of health; it will be provided with official recommendations and news on the pandemic.

An easy way to take care of ourselves and help authorities detect possible positive cases of COVID-19.

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